The Orangerie collection by Samuele Mazza is the result of a patient and meticulous endeavour, originated by skilled craftsmanship, hand-woven natural materials and a passion for detail. To guarantee the durability and conservation of the natural materials, we recommend their use in protected environments such as verandas and porticos.The art of making rattan and wicker furniture merges with the designer’s creative intuition, giving a new, majestic life to the materials.

DFN is the depository of 30 years of history in the production of rattan and wicker. The Orangerie collection by Samuele Mazza combines the art of handcrafted weaving with creativity and an innovative vision. The ancient materials give life to entirely new forms and furnishings that blend natural fibers in unusual colors, chrome details and elegant fabrics.

The Orangerie set offers various collections: Antares, Rigel, Saiph, and Vega, featuring a wide range of chairs, armchairs, tables and sofas in addition to unique pieces such as the sophisticated Shaula armchair, the majestic Aldebaran armchair and the romantic Altair love seat. This set of garden furniture offers a glamorous and timeless style for luxury outdoor environments. Seats and cushions are upholstered with removable waterproof covers.


19 October 2017


19 October 2017


19 October 2017


25 September 2017


25 September 2017


25 September 2017

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Glamorous and timeless style

Exquisite natural materials
and unique craftsmanship

A unique collection that will amaze you with its sartorial finishes, made through the skillful use of natural materials such as rattan and rawhide, mixed with precious fabrics and prestigious details

A new vision for
iconic materials

The history of working with rattan and wicker is combined with the designer’s creative intuition to give new life to the materials

Luxury patio furniture
and spa area

The furnishings are suitable for prolonged use in damp environments such as spas or in covered outdoor areas, such as patios and verandas

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