DFN creates “bespoke solutions,” making each project unique

What distinguishes our design service regarding winter gardens and conservatories is our proven ability to wisely combine advanced technologies, attention to detail, and refined aesthetics to define a space suitable for its size and the client’s stylistic taste and needs. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to design and customize all the elements that contribute to the enhancement of your winter garden, such as:

  • Flooring
  • Furniture and furnishing accessories
  • Decorative and functional lighting
  • Shading, heating, and air conditioning systems

The ability to provide a 360-degree design service makes DFN the ideal partner for projects that are perfect and defined in every detail.

DFN takes care of the entire project: from concept to its completion on site

Preliminary design

DFN offers a complete General Contracting service, collaborating with and supporting the client from the first design phase to immediately grasp their needs and satisfy their specific desires.

With the primary objective of fine-tuning every element that contributes to the creation of a perfect project, our team takes care of starting an ad hoc technical-design analysis for the commissioned project, defining the budget and timeline of the work.

At the end of this phase, the customer receives plans, prospective drawings, sections, and renderings of the structure inserted in the location where it will be installed that illustrate their future conservatory.

Design and development

Once the aesthetic appearance, dimensions, positioning, and equipment required have been defined, our designers will devote themselves to the preparation of the shop drawings.

These detailed drawings concern the architectural, structural, and decorative aspects that contribute to the realization of a finished project and will be used by our production team to build a winter garden that lives up to the client’s expectations.

At this point, we will analyze the whole project together and guide you in the choice of glass, heating and cooling systems, shading systems, hardware for French windows, and everything that contributes to making your outdoor room unique.

Production and supervision

Following an accurate review and analysis of everything chosen and translated into executive drawings for the construction of the structure, we will proceed with their final revision and the customer’s approval.

Once approved, the production team will begin building and assembling all the elements that will ultimately make up a splendid conservatory.

At the same time, as the production work is carried out, DFN’s team members will check the location where the winter garden will be installed, to verify that the foundations and other conditions of the site that must host it are optimally prepared for installation.


Once all the materials are ready, the conservatory is pre-assembled at the DFN factories to ensure that everything complies with the characteristics requested and approved by the customer.

All the materials are then assembled, prepared for transport, and delivered on-site.

For the installation, DFN employs a specialized assembly team accustomed to carrying out missions abroad and working under a project manager’s direction.

Everything is designed in such a way as to guarantee the customer the best possible experience throughout the process from design to installation.

Conservatories Design

Our structures’ design is the result of meticulous attention to detail. It is specially designed to enhance the surrounding environment and give well-being to those who live in this exclusive environment.

A winter garden is much more than a simple physical extension of your home. It is in all respects a luxury space designed ad hoc, in technical and stylistic terms, so that its design blends perfectly with its location.

The details always make the difference and emanate positive and fulfilling vibes. Each element constitutes an essential part of the construction and outlines the project’s overall image.

  1. The perfect environment
    A conservatory’s design must reflect the customer’s wishes and adapt to the taste and needs of those who live there.
  1. Luxury design
    Details make a project unique. That’s why we take care of every single detail. This is the only way to create bespoke solutions for the client.
  1. Balance between space and size
    To create a high-profile project, it is essential that the structure is in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.
  1. Intended use
    The structure’s intended use dictates the design requirements that must be carried out hand in hand with the structure’s design.

Custom Conservatory
in Doha

DFN has shown its ability to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers with the structure they built in Doha, Qatar. In fact, this ambitious project involved the construction of a structure completely in iron and glass and richly decorated with elements of French inspiration to host a refined chocolate shop.

This bespoke project has an unquestionable stage presence and was carried out in a location with high temperatures, which required the use of highly resistant finishes, insulating materials, and technological systems capable of guaranteeing and maintaining a comfortable temperature inside.

This high-quality conservatory combines high functional value and aesthetic research. Its technical-stylistic combination finds full expression in the classic image of the structure, which hides an efficient state-of-the-art and fully integrated air conditioning system that is able to guarantee maximum comfort for guests.

A specialized team actively participated in every phase of the project carried out in Doha. Their commitment and the work they carried out from the early stages of design to installation highlighted DFN’s potential to cross national borders and prove that it is an ideal partner in the construction of bespoke conservatories.

Performance and exclusivity come together perfectly in a balanced formula between style and functionality for a sophisticated environment that enchants observers on the outside and promotes well-being for those who experience it.

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