Sublime Collection

A sublime atmosphere made of nuances, details and whispered messages, but never ostentatious. This is the glamorous rebirth of the Dolcefarniente brand that presents the Sublime Collection designed by Bebo&Angel, not just furniture but a hymn to lifestyle. The aim is to project the imagination towards moments of stillness and silence and to evoke tranquillity.

The Sublime Collection creates rarefied and dreamy atmospheres and transports us to an ideal space between a dream and reality, painting scenarios of innate elegance and naturalness. A corner of relaxation where time stops and sensory perceptions intensify, creating a private bubble of enjoyment to share with a few close friends or family members.


The essence of this furniture line founds the best match between a simple and thin flat section iron structure and soft and plentiful cushions. Rounded line and curvy shape – the elements created by the inspired designers are completely edgeless and call to mind an informal and tempting use.

Each piece brings with it the luxury of outstanding details and finishing – the refined painting used for steel is carefully selected among a complex range of colours: gold, bronze, champagne, precious sand with metallescent and pearlescent effects.


A distinguishing feature of this collection is the handwoven synthetic  resin structure. The stripes of synthetic resin are used to create geometric twists in two single or two-colour variants. This creates sumptuous and rich soft textures which shape continuous colours that cover the structures just like a fabric does. The resin colours chosen for the collection stand out for a pearlescent effect and, if exposed to the sun, they reveal their sumptuous and rich texture. The rounded shapes create winding patterns which perfectly fit the space.

The Sunrise e Twilight collections are born to be mixed together so as to create rich and painstaking decorations.

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