Sublime Collection Materials

All collection has been conceived to stay outside and to last. We combine the highest level of comfort with the best materials ensuring resistance to extreme condition. All the materials have been carefully selected and tested from our R&D department to suit the design and to endure. This enables our customers to enjoy outdoor living without compromises.

Synthetic resin

The stripes of synthetic resin are used to create geometric twists in two single or two-colour variants. This creates sumptuous and rich soft textures which shape continuous colours that cover the structures just like a fabric does. The resin colours chosen for the collection stand out for a pearlescent effect and, if exposed to the sun, they reveal their sumptuous and rich texture. This fiber withstands direct sunlight, salt water, chlorine, cold and is resistant to mold attacks.

Cushions and fabrics

Fabrics used to embellish the collection have been designed ad hoc. Three different jacquard proposals are uncompromisingly made of outdoor fabrics with plenty of lively and refined colours merged together to create evocative settings. Drawings that describe geometries, waves and colored shades to recall a sunset. All the fabrics required low maintenance, are suitable for direct sun exposure and are water repellent.


Each piece brings with it the luxury of outstanding details and finishing – the refined painting used for steel is carefully selected among a complex range of colours: gold, bronze, champagne, precious sand with metallescent and pearlescent effects. Each iron piece is treated to resist to the atmospheric agents with the cataphoresis process and powder coating.


The gemestone name actually stands for a new set of materials made of semi-precious stones and other natural materials. This amazing collection matches natural and semi-precious stones, petrified wood and fossils to give shape to sound and smart surfaces with the most impressive patterns. The table tops and the chair seatbacks in the gemstone version are made of semi-precious stones.

Porcelain stoneware

Onice Reale, Ghiaccio, Ambra, Malaga, Giada, Alabastrino stand out for their intense, contrasting shades: from green and ivory to endless nuances of white that highlight their textures and recall the magical atmosphere of far-away places. Porcelain stoneware, thanks to its excellent physical and flexural strenght, turns out to be ideal for outdoor use, being unaffected by atmospheric agents and unalterable to UV rays. This material is obtained through the synthesis process of ceramic clays, feldspars, kaolins and sand.

Protective cover

To keep the product in good condition for a long time, we recommend to use a personal protective cover made with a new certified technical material that is both waterproof and breathable. The cover also prevents the furniture from getting dirty.

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