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Outdoor Collection

In this area you can browse through all the available catalogues of the Samuele Mazza Outdoor. As time passes, the collection faithful to its mission to provide a proposal for a complete outdoor furniture total look, has been enriched with many different elements.

The Furniture catalogue is the result of different years of designs and stylistic research dedicated to all those who love a timeless but glamour furniture.  This catalogue is divided into three sections: Demetra, Siderale and Orangerie. The Demetra section fits naturally into modern and dynamic contexts with an international feel. Siderale is a refined outdoor collection with a classic touch. All these collection are designed to withstand the rigors of any environmental condition. The Orangerie section instead includes furniture made of precious natural materials such as rattan, wicker and rawhide suitable for covered outdoor spaces such as verandas and porches.

The Samuele Mazza Outdoor collection includes gazebos, sofas, armchairs, dining tables, sunbeds, poufs, consoles, sideboards, plant holders, rugs and everything that contributes to the realization of a project with a clear and harmonious total look image.

Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection

Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection

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