The Rigel range is the version made with the same woven vellum as the Wezen range and follows the same design. Natural vellum is carefully selected and processed with a long and meticulous process, which is performed exclusively within the company by expert master artisans. This range also reflects and pays tribute to a great classic of curved wooden furniture from the past: Vienna straw. The traditional design distinguishing this material has been reinterpreted with a touch of luxury and is the star of the show for a range of elements with a classic, yet glamorous design. The iconic weave is created using the finest vellum and is proposed in an oversized version creating ample textures and transparencies that embrace the furnishings, combined with the finest details such as chrome-plated feet and knobs and storage pockets. This particular weave is an extremely complex piece of work that, as for all furnishings from the Samuele Mazza collection, is performed exclusively by hand. A complete range of products is offered to meet every need: sofas, dining tables, sunbeds, foot stools, lights and much more.

The Vienna straw maxi-weave is created using natural vellum, which is available in all of the colours included in the Samuele Mazza selection and is applied to the rattan frame. To preserve the durability of the natural materials with which furnishings from this range are made, as for all of the elements in the Orangerie collection, they should be used in an area protected from rain and direct sunlight. Elements from the Rigel range can be used on porches, on verandas or in conservatories as well as in wellness centres and spas as they are resistant to humidity. Often combined with Shaula


DFN realizes custom products suitable for every kind of outdoor environment, in order to satisfy all the client’s needs. There are no limit for the creation of a product: in fact, the company, together with a wide range of combination already inside the collection, can realize more product based on the client’s specific requests. Style, materials and dimensions are decided according to the client’s needs. An exclusive service that DFN guarantees with the purpose of answering to the requests of an expert and careful clientele.


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