Inspired by rationalist and contemporary concepts, Kenzia is a proposal of elements with linear yet sophisticated design. Faithful to the total look proposal that accompanies each creation of Samuele Mazza, Kenzia provides many elements and accessories to furnish the external environment in a complete way.

Kenzia style is characterized by simplicity. The lines are basic: the straight arms are joined with the backrest into a single structure, complemented by a comfortable cushion. High backrest with rich cushions make an intimate seating, where you can relax and spend time outdoors. The modular construction  supports different combinations included L shaped sofa layout.

The dining kenzia proposal consist of an elegant bridge with an extremely sophisticated manifacture made of woven synthetic rattan that draws a compact texture and creates a highly elegant material game. The base of the table has a trapezoidal shape where can be placed different types of tops.

A dynamic, complete and detailed program of outdoor items with fine details where craftsmanship and handmade are the basis of every creation.


DFN realizes custom products suitable for every kind of outdoor environment, in order to satisfy all the client’s needs. There are no limit for the creation of a product: in fact, the company, together with a wide range of combination already inside the collection, can realize more product based on the client’s specific requests. Style, materials and dimensions are decided according to the client’s needs. An exclusive service that DFN guarantees with the purpose of answering to the requests of an expert and careful clientele.


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