Outdoor space conceived as a natural extension of indoor areas with the same attention to detail standards. A pleasant, sophisticated place to live the intimacy and warmth of home in total harmony with the natural environment around you. It is a need shared by the Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection, a specialist in luxury outdoor furniture working for years to transform outdoor spaces into stylish living areas using original and innovative furniture solutions in accordance with a range of aesthetic needs.

To increase the range of available options the collection has been supplemented by the Yucca range for those looking for simple, stylish forms. Products are designed around a range of elements all made with shaped vertical and horizontal metal rods which act as both structure and decoration at the same time.

Fine finishings applied to the metal are the result of a painstaking and ongoing research and innovation process which gives the furniture a sophisticated and luxurious look.

The table, shown in an oval version, has a stylish table top made in a range of finishings from glass to marble and is available in various sizes in both oval and round forms. The matching dining chairs are also made in iron and supplemented with sinuous padding covered with precious outdoor fabrics which make guests comfortable and give your dining set a touch of glamour. The other elements in the collection are part of the same family such as the tub chair, for a more informal sitting experience, and a series of living room tables to use easily in living spaces.

One of the range’s strengths is its use of unusual finishings to make garden furniture absolute centrestage players in outdoor spaces and give them style and comfort.

Every element in the Yucca collection is made with the utmost attention to detail. Together with materials and the use of innovative technologies in working processes, it is this attention to detail which makes the collection weatherproof.


DFN realizes custom products suitable for every kind of outdoor environment, in order to satisfy all the client’s needs. There are no limit for the creation of a product: in fact, the company, together with a wide range of combination already inside the collection, can realize more product based on the client’s specific requests. Style, materials and dimensions are decided according to the client’s needs. An exclusive service that DFN guarantees with the purpose of answering to the requests of an expert and careful clientele.


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