The tirelessly creative spirit behind Demetra is Samuele Mazza with a furniture collection whose sinuous lines are capable of creating a range of looks and interpreting the space they occupy. A byword for renewal and transformation, Demetra marks a new Samuele Mazza brand development which chooses contemporary language to express itself. A collection whose lines fit naturally into modern and dynamic contexts with an international feel.

A furniture whole which breathes life into a luxury outdoor collection whose distinguishing features are precise lines and proportions, symmetry and balance, sophisticated materials and innovative finishings in which craftsmanship is expressed in every element. The unique style and obsessive dedication to detail and haute couture working methods which have marked out this designer’s collections throughout his career are unchanged. Craftsmanship is the value on which we continue to focus our philosophy and generates functional and aesthetically thrilling combinations every time.

The lifestyle underlying Samuele Mazza’s Demetra collection interprets all the home’s outdoor areas – the living room, the dining room, the sun deck and the kitchen – with the personalisation options which have always marked out DFN designs.


18 August 2020


29 July 2020


18 June 2020


6 May 2020

The collection encompasses furnitures for different styles and occasions: Yucca, the iron range which generates sophisticated, elegant dining tables, chairs and accessories. Aralia and Kenzia are instead two proposals in woven synthetic resin with abundant cushions to furnish luxurious living and dining area that are a real invitation to relax in harmony with the spirit of the collection.

Every element is designed and created to be weatherproof. Solidity, versatility and a lightweight quality: these are the characteristics which make this the ideal collection for outdoor spaces in the most varied contemporary residential contexts. The furniture is supplemented by comfortable cushions in liquid repellent and stainproof fabric, ideal for the most prestigious and exclusive locations.

The cushions covers are entirely removable and are made of UV, chlorinated and salt water-resistant fabrics to combine durability and comfort with ease of cleaning.

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