Textile Line

The textile line of the Mara Dal Cin collection is entrusted to the skilled hands of carefully selected tailors and a top quality yarn. The sheets, sponges and everything from the collection are distinguished by clean lines, the purity of the fabrics, the softness and the elasticity.

The creations originate from the use of a yarn made from the wood fibre of birch trees. The quality of the raw material and the accuracy of the processing carried out with cutting-edge technology, give the wood fibre particular characteristics and make it a superior fabric, different from any other. The yarn, obtained from the wood fibre, is resistant and, after each washing, its qualities are perfected. So over time, the fabrics retain their unique beauty. Luxurious materials, with unique properties: breathable like linen but more resistant and absorbent, soft like silk, warm like winter wool and cool like cotton in the summer as thermoregulators.

The Mara del Cin textile line includes bed sheets, bath sponges, towels and beach and pool towels, equipment for spas and boats, but also tablecloths, table runners and everything that can be used to dress up the table.

The articles are personalised with an embroidery of the client’s initials. To create a complete look in full DFN style decorations are added, made with the same fabrics used for the furniture, so that the beach towel, laid on the bed, will match perfectly with it. The line also includes plaids made with a range of fabrics that match those chosen for outdoor seating.

Precious materials that, with the touch of designer Mara Dal Cin, take on a glamorous look, giving life to a sophisticated composition.


For an offer that stands out, it is possible to obtain the tailor-made personalisation of products by choosing its various aspects, which thus becomes an expression of one’s personal style. High manufacturing, quality of materials and refined design produce luxury accessories, a synthesis of an all-Italian capacity.


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