Fragrances and candles

The fragrances and scented candles by Mara Dal Cin are curated by master craftsmen who create unique artistic creations. An exclusive line of perfumes that stimulate the senses and evoke intense memories, forming unforgettable feelings of wellbeing.

Three essences created by Mara Dal Cin made in craftsman workshops in a limited edition: Sublime, Vervain and Rose Oud. Sublime, with its notes of grey amber and sandalwood, is a unique experience in extravagance and vanity. A fleeting scent of Mediterranean wood and aromatic herbs: Vervain revives the body and mind. Rose Oud, instead, offers a refined and secret fragrance for a relaxing atmosphere.

The essences are proposed in the form of sprays, scented candles and oils for room diffusers.

The sprays are in a white porcelain bottle with golden metal details and are objects designed to be left on display as exclusive accessories.

The scented candle wax is poured into elegant white glass vases with a clear decorative function. In addition, through the made-to-order service, it is possible to create personalised creations, relying on skilled master glassmakers to develop a customised vase to be filled with scented wax.

The room diffusers have a power supply and gradually release the scent for an intense and persistent result. The elegant appearance of these accessories, the metallic colours in gold and the care for the smallest details make them suitable accessories for an exclusive home.

The Mara dal Cin Fragrances and Candles collection tells stories and unfolds passions and emotions to be experienced in a luxurious secret garden or in the intimacy of one’s own home.


For an offer that stands out, it is possible to obtain the tailor-made personalisation of products by choosing its various aspects, which thus becomes an expression of one’s personal style. High manufacturing, quality of materials and refined design produce luxury accessories, a synthesis of an all-Italian capacity.


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