Altair resin

A unique and distinctly original piece. With its rounded structure, Altair evokes the concept of a Renaissance alcove. Inserted in an outdoor space, with its sinuos line it gives privacy and comfort becoming a real nest in which to snuggle.

The structure is made entirely of syntetic resin; the result is a perfect complement for outdoor use. The iconic weaving with Vienna straw motif, with which it is made, is proposed in an oversize version to create a large texture that create a charming decoration. This particular texture requires a very complex process to be made exclusively by hand, like each item in the Samuele Mazza Outdoor collection.

A unique piece that can be perfectly coordinated with elements from the Wezen series and can be easily inserted in the most varied contexts as a particular element with a design that is both classic and glamorous. Despite its size, the Altair resin bench is proposed as a light and harmonious complement that fits into the outdoors with sober elegance, further enhancing the concept of comfort and relaxation in the open air.


DFN realizes custom products suitable for every kind of outdoor environment, in order to satisfy all the client’s needs. There are no limit for the creation of a product: in fact, the company, together with a wide range of combination already inside the collection, can realize more product based on the client’s specific requests. Style, materials and dimensions are decided according to the client’s needs. An exclusive service that DFN guarantees with the purpose of answering to the requests of an expert and careful clientele.


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