Living moments

It takes character to be the centre of attention in the middle of space. An entity that Miami Collection expresses in every element through harmony and balance. Seeing, touching, imagining comfort – this is the dynamic vision of living that the collection communicates.

Miami is a collection that reflects the most dynamic interpretations of space. A versatile composition that knows how to express attention to comfort and care for conviviality in a variety of elegant solutions.

A sophisticated range of furnishings that redesign the living experience away from stereotypes. From sofas to tables, to sun loungers, each object is made from hand-woven synthetic resin webbing to design textures that are luxurious to touch. The particularly refined fabrics, the roundand cosy shapes, the soft and wide cushions, the elegant metal legs, all contribute to increasing the pleasure of living.

Elegance is a way of life; it is elusive but always recognizable beauty.

With Miami Collection, Dolcefarniente has conceived anew and personal language that reveals a complex perspective on the representation of living in space and in life. Each object in the Collection is a fulcrum of positive, intense and vibrant energy, an ode to lightness to accompany the time of those who seek the intimate pleasure of living beyond any patterns in space.

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The Mirabile Collection with the Miami Line redefines modern luxury on a global level, enhancing shapes, materials, textures, and light. All the elements in the collection interact with each other and can be combined to create an enchanting, customized outdoor scene in any setting.

• Equilibrium between form and material, lines and precise proportions

• Innovative materials and artisan skills expressed in every element

• A novel approach to luxury as synonym of freedom