Dolcefarniente, the contemporary brand of outdoor furniture, has a history of over 30 years and has its roots in a soil made of alluring design and fine details.

The company was established in the 70’s, focusing its business on the production and distribution of rattan furniture all over the Europe. It was in the 80’s when the first “Dolcefarniente Intreccio & Rattan” collection originated, characterized by its attention to high quality materials and its research for a sober and elegant design, which through an attentive process of artistic workmanship and a special attention to colors and fabrics, offers a unique “Made in Italy” product.

Dolcefarniente is a depositary of knowledge and experience gained over the years with a product, because of its quality and timelessness, that is able to dive into the contemporary world without being subject to fashion. Its style originates from an innovative and idealistic vision of the world which makes relaxing at home the main premise of the concept of contemporary luxury.

Natural Rattan

Outdoor Collection

What characterises its products is the intertwining through which sophisticated and elegant forms and lines originate. In harmony with the use of natural materials, such as rattan and wicker, models are created to be persistent over time in which form, design and quality merge into a synthesis of real artistic craftsmanship. Rattan and wicker furniture, being highly flexible, consent to the realization of soft and sinuous lines which are at the same time highly resistant. The colour tints used do not alter the characteristics of the product but offer excellent colour stability.

There are two furniture collections for two different styles and occasions of use, both entirely handmade. The first one is named Natural Rattan, made of wicker and rattan, and the other one, Outdoor Collection, is made of synthetic resin. In addition, furnishing proposals, in virtue of workmanship, can be custom-made.

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Timeless Quality

An history of
over 30 years

An history of over 30 years, an elegant mix of seductive design and refined details. Timeless products that look to the future without bending to fads and trends

The art of

At the core of every creation is the art of weaving. With its fascinating wefts and patterns, weaving transmits unique emotions which are the result of lengthy processes and meticulous craftsmanship

outdoor spaces

Dolcefarniente offers a vast selection of articles for a truly luxurious outdoor environment in addition to numerous unique pieces

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