Iron rods form the basis from which the sinuous shapes of products in this range are created, including tables, chairs and stools, as well as a range of small furnishings and accessories. The skilful artisanship employed to forge this traditional material makes it possible to create sophisticated looking structures. The designer’s insight has softened the severe appearance of iron with a sinuous look. The furnishings, handcrafted by artisans, take on a new luxurious and elegant image. The chair and stool, coordinated with dining and bistro tables, are ideal for furnishing social spaces in both residential and hospitality settings. This range also includes matching lights that enhance the furnishings, creating a distinctive atmosphere. The light emitted from the lighting elements blends with the shadows created by the iron, resulting in spaces offering a strong visual impact at any time of the day or night. All of the furnishing and lighting elements in this range have been treated to guarantee prolonged use in outdoor environments.

Often used in combination with elements from the Sole and Canopo collections.


DFN realizes custom products suitable for every kind of outdoor environment, in order to satisfy all the client’s needs. There are no limit for the creation of a product: in fact, the company, together with a wide range of combination already inside the collection, can realize more product based on the client’s specific requests. Style, materials and dimensions are decided according to the client’s needs. An exclusive service that DFN guarantees with the purpose of answering to the requests of an expert and careful clientele.


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