Natural Rattan

Materials in their natural finish and the tailored spirit in the fabrics: these are the codes of the Natural collection. Furniture made entirely by hand in rattan, wicker and parchment that exalt the expert traditions of craftsmen from the past. A sophisticated, timeless style dressed in precious fabrics selected from the world of high fashion. Items to be used daily for relaxation.

The art of weaving is behind every creation. With its patterns and fascinating braiding, weaving provides unique emotions that are the result of long, precise expert processes. Our craftsmen work the wicker, rattan, untanned leather and other materials used each time with great patience and precision, creating prestigious items.

The sophisticated shapes and elegant lines
come from a level of craftsmanship reached through experiment and innovation, where the selection and use of the most refined natural materials enhance the infinite custom-made possibilities.

The “handmade” production and careful selection of materials only serves to enhance the uniqueness of each piece, making them easy to distinguish from imitations, like all artistic products made with such care.

To ensure the items last a long time and that their natural materials are preserved, we recommend that they are used in a protected environment.

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Timeless and refined style

Uniqueness of materials
and shapese

Furniture that merge the unique nature of the shapes with flexible materials to make singular pieces of furniture with a great theatrical element

Natural material and
craftsman’s expertise

Extremely decorative shapes that have historical roots. Today, as yesterday, they are made by hand with care and experience and are the result of meticulous weaving

Luxurious furniture for
verandas and spas

Furniture suited for prolonged use in damp environments such as spas and thermal baths or for external covered areas, such as patios and verandas

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