New products 2021

DFN, through its brands, offers highly recognizable objects and a total look approach to create unique sets. Aesthetic innovation and research told through a series of new products with great character, style and elegance that meet all the needs of an outdoor project: furnishings, kitchens and covered structures.

Sirio dining table &
Curved luxury kitchen

A luxurious and elegant environment to balance functionality and aesthetics in total harmony.

Sirio table

Sinuous and essential shapes define the design of the Sirio table and the matching seats. The great protagonist is the iron which, thanks to a skilful craftsmanship, is moulded into soft and sophisticated shapes, totally losing its typical austere effect. The table is made with rods that draw soft and light lines. A ceramic top with a marble finish is placed on the structure, embellished also by the presence of a swivel top with contrasting finish. The table is combined with the Sirio chairs in the new swivel version that invite you to sit, presented with two-tone fabrics to give a dynamic touch to the entire setting .;

Curved luxury kitchen

The new curved luxury kitchen, Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection, is the perfect mix of shapes, unusual finishes and cutting-edge technologies: a real jewel. In full compliance with all the features required by a kitchen, customizable in details and accessories, the design that makes this model distinctive, refining the idea of outdoor cooking. Alongside the rounded sides and the automatic sliding cover, made of the same material as the top, the door decoration is impressive. A micro glass mosaic covering was used for its realization, that composes fantastic patterns with iridescent reflections, with a design that creates a real glass tapestry. The double-sided kitchen is designed to be used on both sides: sliding the top reveals, on one side, the equipped work counter and, on the other, the cover becomes a comfortable snack table.

Pool collection floating items,
Canopo living set and Albebaran swing chair

Samuele Mazza designs every detail for a comfortable and stylish outdoor experience. The furnishings of the Canopo line are born from a classic inspiration. Monumental and scenic lines assume a contemporary appearance thanks to fabrics and chromatic choices with a modern character. The Canopo living set is a call to conviviality and tranquility: a perfect corner to have fun and relax. wrapped in generous cushions

Pool collection floating items, Canopo living set

For a total look outside and inside the water, the Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection proposes the new Pool Collection, an exclusive line of floating items, which is inspired by the style of the iconic Canopo line and follows it.  Stage presence, comfort and ease of use are the characteristics of these luxurious accessories made of materials from the nautical sector, completely removable and waterproof. Craftsmanship and innovation, design and functionality come together to create a multifunctional and elegant collection. A further piece that completes the brand’s outdoor proposal by showing a classic soul and an indispensable elegance, that enhances with a fascinating touch places to be experienced lightly.

Aldebaran swing chair

The swing chair represents relaxation in the open air, and is able to evoke fascinating and harmonic atmospheres. This swing chair is inspired by and takes up the shape of the iconic Aldebaran armchair, expanding the concept of comfort in a glamorous key. The synthetic resin structure, rigorously woven by hand, has the lines of a large and welcoming seat: a nest in which to lay, indulging in a cuddle. The overall image is enhanced and made original by the external structure that supports it: an iron circle that becomes a real frame in which the swing chair is suspended.

Sunrise living set &
Aurora lamp

Everything is an invitation to enjoy moments of tranquility in a fascinating embrace.

Sunrise Living Set

Slender structures and a complete absence of edges for the Sunrise line of the Sublime Collection.

The new collection created by the designers Bebo y Angel is a hymn to lightness thanks to the structures entirely made of flat section iron. The iron solidity is in contrast to the soft lines and the gentle appearance of each element. Everything is enhanced even more by the choice of unusual details and finishes: the paints have a sophisticated range of colours from gold to bronze, with metal and pearlescent effects. The accessories are chromed. The fabrics have customized patterns that recall the key concepts of the collection: enchanting shades and time going by slowly.

Aurora Lamps

Imposing and scenographic, they provide a suggestive light enclosed in highly decorative forms.

Available in two models, the first is inspired by and emphasizes the value of time by recalling the shape of an hourglass, the other is proposed as a sophisticated wine glass with more dynamic shapes.

The diamond weave of the synthetic resin ribbons leaves spaces from which the light comes out open, creating refined reflections to enhance the fascinating game of light with a unique touch. To embellish the already impressive forms, there are the gold decorations that, just like collars, give each piece a sophisticated soul.

Bioclimatic pergola &
Twilight dining set

A relaxing oasis that offers the perfect combination of stage presence and functionality

Bioclimatic pergola

The Palladio Bioclimatic Pergola mixes the elegance of classical culture and modern lightness. The aesthetics are enhanced by the technology of the roof: an innovative solution that allows you to experience the space below without the limits of weather conditions.

Composed by adjustable slats that rotate on themselves or that are collected on one side with a retractable pantograph system, it guarantees solar protection, air circulation and, if closed, complete shelter from the rain. Everything is embellished with sophisticated decorations; round pillars and precious accessory lines of colours which, accentuating the shapes, give solemnity to the structure. covering it with a sober refinement.The perfect combination of stage presence and functionality.

Twilight dining set

In combination with the Bioclimatic Pergola, DFN proposes the new Twilight dining set, signed by the designers Bebo y Angel for the Sublime collection. , Dolcefarniente. Once again the strengths of the collection emerge and design an outdoor experience made up of nuances and details, elegance and naturalness.

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Immerse yourself in an outdoor atmosphere created by DFN, let yourself be inspired by our scenographies and discover how our total look approach can make an outdoor space unforgettable.

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