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For over 100 years Fantini Mosaici | Marmi has embellished every setting with luxurious mosaics, marble and pebblestone floors and Venetian terrazzos. Ancient manual techniques combined with a complete and effective approach, result in unique and unrepeatable works of art. Drawing on their century-old tradition in the art of mosaics, Fantini creates a unique variety of artistic mosaics of unparallelled design and workmanship. Precious outdoor and indoor floorings of exquisite design and craftsmanship, exclusive creations acclaimed all over the world have made this company the symbol of Italian excellence at an international level.

Custom Flooring Project – Geneve

Private house

Fantini Mosaici

Custom Flooring for
Sirio Cage


Gazebo bird cage

Sirio Cage

Rinascimentale Floreale

Rinascimentale Geometrica

XIX Secolo

Custom Outdoor Projects

We provide unique customized solutions for your outdoor environment, designed to meet your requirements in every detail. Environments created specifically for you, designed to interpret your dreams and aspirations. This is the luxury concept of DFN, a brand that has achieved a reputation for excellence all over the world.

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