Eugenio Campo

Tayloring Woodwork

Falegnameria Campo is a company of master craftsmen founded in 1963 by the skilled hands of Eugenio Campo, specialized in the creation of exclusive custom furniture. Great care to details and attention in the execution phase define the uniqueness of each project.

Since the early 2000s, Falegnameria Campo has extended its passion also to the world of wines, designing “La cantina di Paul©”, and thus entering the wine cellars sector applied to luxury interiors and yachting world.

Our technology allows you to remotely control temperature and humidity with the use of a structured and invisible home automation system. The company has always supported the use of digital technologies alongside an handcraft approach through the design and creation of prototypes that confer a traditional flavour to any project.

Luxury Tasting Room

From the cooperation with DFN is born a new project dedicated to luxury leisure. A space coordinated with the furniture proposals produced by DFN in which can be found the materials and stylistic codes of its creations, such as the steel window profiles and the emblem handle of the La Casa dei Limoni collection. A space that according to the dimensions and the interior layout becomes an environment dedicated to conviviality where is possible to preserve but also to taste fine wines, cheeses, caviar, chocolate, as well as refined cigars in the smoking room version. The Luxury Tasting Room can be defined as an ode to good living, a treasure chest to enclose but also pamper one’s vices.

The contemporary design and the sophisticated home automation system offer taste lovers the right comfort and protection of all the elements stored inside. Thanks to a controlled access system, enhanced with “rfid” technology, it is possible to restrict access to the room only to authorized people, moreover the access door is equipped with an integrated electric lock.

The on/off light control adjust the intensity, creates the light atmosphere for every situation. In addition, in the absence of movements, the home automation system, automatically turns off the main lights and activates a “waiting” scenery using soft lights, creating a great scenic effect.

The Luxury Tasting Room is easy to install wherever you want, already tested and ready for assembly. The space requires only an electrical socket to be activated. The Luxury tasting room can be described as an ode to good living, a treasure chest to enclose all the most beautiful wishes.

Custom Outdoor Projects

We provide unique customized solutions for your outdoor environment, designed to meet your requirements in every detail. Environments created specifically for you, designed to interpret your dreams and aspirations. This is the luxury concept of DFN, a brand that has achieved a reputation for excellence all over the world.

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