Paying tribute to our history and creating the outdoor spaces of tomorrow

Allow yourself to get carried away by the luxury of a conservatory

Inside the conservatory, you can perceive an atmosphere of absolute sumptuousness, typical of the lush environments of the past but renewed in comfort and functionality thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Originally, orangeries served as greenhouses and were later converted into exclusive places for conversation and entertainment.

Impressive, fascinating, and stylish, these particular structures were highly sought after by the elite classes of the last century and still do not cease to be the object of desire of those who dream of taking advantage of an outdoor space, customized according to their needs.

Today the aesthetic aspect rests on an avant-garde design that aims to satisfy modern living needs and the use of high-performance materials from every technical point of view. Conservatories are the repositories of a tradition rooted in time, which continues to evolve thanks to the development of bespoke solutions that aim to adapt to the new audience’s demands.

Admire the beauty of nature immersed in the comfort of your home

In developing high-profile designs, DFN is responsible for creating stylistic continuity between the buildings already present on-site where the conservatory will be inserted and the design of the new structure, creating a pure and harmonious dialogue between them.

Elegant lines, refined decorations, and large bright windows will form the overall image of a splendid conservatory that, with versatility, will immerse itself in the location that hosts it, adapting perfectly to it.

A winter garden is undoubtedly the ideal solution to create a shaded and comfortable protected outdoor environment.

To ensure shading and privacy inside the conservatory, DFN offers the option of installing different types of curtainsdecorative, shading or blackout—whose profiles will be integrated into the structure itself and can be operated remotely.

The final choice between these solutions will depend exclusively on the client’s preferences in terms of aesthetics and functionality and will be adapted to both the dimensions of the windows and the conservatory’s stylistic context.

Free your mind, enjoy the luxury of your time

DFN supports the client by offering total support and assistance to correctly evaluate and define the space in question, whether that means installing an external structure to an existing property or designing a completely new space.

Our conservatories are characterized by an elegant design with infinite customization possibilities that allow you to enhance any environment and respond to the various needs of the space as they can take on different shapes and sizes.

To realize a prestigious project, it is essential to study every material and every detail to perfection. DFN has always been committed to fulfilling its clients’ requests by creating dream solutions.

The use of iron window frames with thin profiles leaves great freedom in the design of the facades and at the same time guarantees solidity and resistance.

Iron Window

A system of fixtures made with an extraordinary alloy that is at the service of today’s modern architecture 

Steel windows with a thermal break are the ideal choice for constructing a refined, bright, airy, and well-protected conservatory. In fact, the steel window profile gives a significant aesthetic character to the facade and guarantees excellent protection from atmospheric agents.

The innovative high-density polyurethane used to create the thermal break, together with the possibility of installing a high-performance insulating glass, makes it possible to fully respond to the current legislation on the energy containment of buildings and the contemporary needs of living comfort, even where a high level of isolation is required.

The minimal design of the steel profiles makes the silhouettes of the doors and windows unique and improves their aesthetic and visual appeal. Their thin lines infuse a sense of lightness that extends to the frames, emphasizing the transparency of the façade.

Welcome to the dwelling of light

DFN also deals with the installation of skylights on masonry structures. The term skylight refers to a large iron and glass roof—also equipped with motorized openings—specially designed to allow access to natural light.

The installation of skylights has become very popular because they give the environment a more airy and brighter look at any time of day. Skylights are a modern, cutting-edge, and high-performance solution that is adaptable to the roof’s size and incline. Thanks to the fusion of refined design and high-performance materials, projects come to life, reaching their full splendor.

The La Casa dei limoni structures combine the strength of iron with the lightness of glass to create luxurious skylights. This hi-tech roof becomes the object of desire of those who want to give their space an unrivaled value. In the design phase, DFN can create sophisticated compositions that allow you to create roofs that enhance the environment and can reconcile the most demanding and diversified requests.

Exclusive custom-made conservatory in classic and contemporary style

DFN’s ability to satisfy even the most particular requests lies in the possibility of designing custom winter gardens for the buyer and their property, taking care of their aesthetic image and technical functionality.

By defining a “tailor-made” project, we mean creating a structure of inestimable uniqueness and luxury—a highly customized location where every detail has been studied with care and attention.

It will be a charming conservatory suited to your aesthetic tastes and capable of satisfying your needs in terms of comfort and practicality.

Based on your requests, DFN will create a high-performance conservatory with a unique style and all the prerogatives of a modern structure, including all the comforts you need.

Breathing the unmistakable atmosphere of a bespoke conservatory is synonymous with a unique daily experience immersed in an environment full of energy and positivity.

DFN is able to meet every need as each project is different and reflects varied tastes and choices.

The ability to listen to and understand the client’s wishes is a skill that we have acquired over time and with lots of experience, which distinguishes us, and is the spearhead of every project we have carried out so far.

That is how out-in-out luxury projects with a strong visual impact that lasts over time come to light without sacrificing functionality.

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The 3 most frequently asked questions

Are conservatories suitable for installation in countries with high temperatures? Absolutely yes.

Our winter gardens can be installed in very hot countries. Their large windows instill a sense of freedom that being outdoors gives, immersed in pristine landscapes, without sacrificing the comfort of a home environment equipped with everything you need.

High-performance materials and modern technologies are used in the construction of our structures. Modern air conditioning systems, which allow you regulate the temperature, are installed inside the structures.

Are conservatories suitable for installation in cold temperatures? Of course!

Our glass and iron structures are built worldwide and are therefore subject to a wide variety of weather conditions and drastic temperature changes. Therefore, it is essential to select the most resistant and high-performance materials for inside the conservatory.

In countries with particularly cold winters and very low temperatures, some special design precautions must be followed. Our technicians define the structural requirements necessary for the conservatory’s construction and select the most appropriate frame and glass to enhance the work done by the heating system.

Is it possible to add curtains to block out the sun’s rays, provide pleasant shading and ensure excellent privacy? For sure!

The cooling systems are more than sufficient to have the desired temperature, but in some cases, clients do not like direct sunlight or want more privacy inside the conservatory.

In this case, we intervene with the insertion of decorative, shading, or blackout curtains; and each solution adapts perfectly to the structure’s dimensions. These are also automatic curtains that can be activated remotely.

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