Luxury Outdoor Furniture

What do you need to think about before you start to plan an outdoor area?

The outdoor area of a hotel or a home is, in a certain sense, its calling card. If, for example, it is about furnishing a hotel, then the design, the layout, the sensation, and the atmosphere created within the space are extremely important because the patio, entrance, and the outdoor area in general are the first to catch the eye and to create interest or appeal. Guests’ impressions and ideas of the accommodation are formed as soon as they arrive.

When designing private residences or hotels, the important thing to consider is that these areas need to create the setting that a guest has seen in their mind’s eye.

A common mistake …

A mistake made by many is believing that it is necessary to invest the lion’s share of the budget on decorating the interior of a building (house, hotel, restaurant, resort… ) rather than investing a suitable amount on luxury outdoor furniture.

This is probably due to the fact that people are afraid of investing money in something that, being located outdoors, risks becoming ruined. But this is simply no longer the case. Nowadays, technology and innovation have made sure that outdoor furniture materials can now be of the highest quality, so much so that they can withstand the elements and last over time.

Outdoor areas are the first thing that people see on arriving at a property and this makes it even more important to give them the consideration they deserve, with characteristic designs that are in line with the choices made for the interiors.

This means it is necessary to invest the right amount in luxury outdoor furniture.

Why choose quality?

Choosing superior quality items is essential. This is true above all when it comes to outdoor furniture, since it is a part of the long-term investment that will win over your clients. Luxury outdoor furniture of the highest quality only needs a minimum of maintenance to ensure durability and a style that is always impeccable.

These are products designed with the utmost care and attention: details such as materials and structures are designed to withstand the different weather conditions over time.

SSiderale Wezen lounge sofa
Siderale wezen sofa

Important things to remember when designing luxury outdoor furniture

An outdoor area that looks well designed and cared for gives your guests the idea of a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment that they can enjoy just as much as they do the interior.

Before you start to plan your outdoor area, bear in mind that your luxury outdoor furniture must meet certain requirements:

Quality: top quality furniture has a great design, cutting-edge technology, comfort, easy use, and of course, it is made with the best materials.
Comfort: all furniture needs to be comfortable and have the right proportions for the user and for its surroundings. It needs to be made in materials that are pleasing to the touch and it should be arranged in such a way as to create a path and to sit well with the surroundings. No space should be neglected and indeed, even smaller areas such as balconies or green corners must be used to the full: adding luxury outdoor furniture in a more compact size can really make a difference, creating a whole new atmosphere.
Design: unique design pieces can be the characteristic feature in luxury surroundings, adding vibrancy and interesting, prestigious style.
Materials, shapes and colours: when deciding on these, you need to think about the client’s needs and wishes, creating a link between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Now you know what to do …

It’s important to direct client choices towards top-quality items built to stand up to weather conditions, fashion tastes, and use. This will guarantee that the outdoor spaces of hotels or private houses will look impeccable, cool, and appealing to guests, who will use them as a starting point for judging the whole structure.

In particular, if your project is for a hotel facility, you need to know and be up-to-date with the trends linked to luxury outdoor furniture, so you can be sure to give the area you are designing a unique appearance, in line with the rest of the hotel.

Why is it important to integrate the interior with the exterior?

Earth and sky, inside and out, closed and open: these are all different, opposing areas that have many differences but also so much in common. An example? The architect!

The architect has the task of designing areas that are seemingly totally in contrast with one another. His or her work consists of making sure these spaces interact and dialogue with one another to create a genuine total look. The interior needs to be managed so that it becomes as open, light and airy, and sunny as possible, while the exterior needs to be made increasingly welcoming, comfortable, and well looked after.

The final impression is therefore that of enjoying a unique, seamless space, creating order in the relationship between people and their surroundings, in an area that pairs well and communicates with its surroundings, producing a sense of harmony and balance for all those who use it.

Integrating outdoor and indoor areas with one another means overturning previous design methods: the interior is designed to be seamless with the outdoor area, making it a landscape in which furniture, spaces and lighting take the form of feature elements for the panorama, while the outdoor area, on the contrary, is conceived as a vast open-air room with a pleasing, hospitable atmosphere.

Exclusive products for outdoor luxury

This is precisely what we do at DFN. For years we have been creating luxury and elegance for outdoor use, offering a unique lifestyle experience. Out of doors.

Our expertise means we are able to take on projects that need skill and the ability to work with different dimensions. From the simple supply of furniture through to a complete design service, involving the setting in which the furniture will be used: gardens, pools, paving, patio roofing, pergolas and anything else needed to create a fully finished outdoor area.

And thanks to the support of our expert team of designers, we can create customised solutions to suit different requirements.

The solutions we offer are tailored to suit the specific design project, right down to the smallest detail: from space layouts through to landscaping, lighting, and sound diffusion, so that your outdoor area is all about luxury that is simply well cared for and perfect.

Ideas and methods to create a communicating environment out of two spaces

1. Windows and glass doors that are as open as possible:
Designed to be large, modular surfaces that can create a fluid, seamless idea of space, where the outside and inside can mesh together in a new dimension of space.

2. Comfort:
All furniture needs to be comfortable and have the right proportions for the user and for its surroundings. It needs to be made in materials that are pleasing to the touch and it should be arranged in such a way as to create a path and to sit well with the surroundings. No space should be neglected and indeed, even smaller areas such as balconies or green corners must be used to the full: adding luxury outdoor furniture in a more compact size can really make a difference, creating a whole new atmosphere.

3. Light, airy rooms:
Light is the element that the two spaces have most in common: making the interior of a home light and airy means making it somehow similar to the outside. We recommend using light surfaces or transparent and reflective elements.

4. Natural elements indoors:
It is a good idea to bring plants and natural elements indoors and to take furniture and complementary furnishings outside for added comfort. These can include outdoor kitchens , luxury outdoor furniture , or unique complementary furnishing items such as outdoor fireplaces.

5. Garden lights:
An outdoor area needs to be enjoyed in the evening and at night too, which is possible when you use a suitable lighting system. Trying out new, extensive possibilities in gardens and on terraces means you can organise dinners and parties where interiors and exteriors are perfectly and seamlessly meshed. Lighting also makes it possible to highlight elements and details for dramatic effects.

​6. Coverings with natural designs:
Covering walls with vertical greenery allows you to bring whole outdoor features inside for a natural look that connects to the exterior through creative use.

How does the outdoor design process work in collaboration with the company?

During the design stage there are lots of elements to be considered: requests and requirements, problems to be solved, details that need to be kept in consideration, and much more.

First of all, it is absolutely essential to understand the real needs and preferences of the client, which is probably the most difficult task when it comes to satisfying them and designing the optimum outdoor space.

Every design project needs a method

At DFN we are all too aware of this and we have put together an efficient working team to create the perfect outdoor environment, thanks to our luxury outdoor furniture, and thanks also to the design methods we use. This method has four main stages:


This is a stage when, by listening to the client and their requirements, we get our inspiration and can set out the guidelines for the design, the direction it will take and the main features, such as style and function. In this initial approach with the client, it is important to understand their needs and to discuss the opening ideas: only in this way can we define a design or a product that will meet or even exceed expectations.


The choice of materials is carried out with care, according to the needs of the client.

The aim is to create spaces with a unique total look that is hard to achieve, which is why we choose materials that best suit the mood, style and functions required by the client.

Preliminary design project

The design is created starting with a sketch, a preliminary idea that allows us to illustrate and explain our concept for the outdoor area to the client. At this stage, it is very important to show the client a colour palette and a mood board to get initial feedback and continue with planning for the perfect design.


Rendering is the creation of a digital image that represents the final design. This shows the space, the materials and details of the design, together with the actual forms. Once approved by the client, the design passes on to the next stage, with the prototyping and then production of the project.

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DFN doesn’t stop here

The design process could finish here, but our company takes it further. Our exclusive customisation service for outdoor design projects, means we can provide you with ideas for your whole outdoor space.

This is how we create a total look design project that is perfectly in line with the client’s own style.

Our customisation service includes

  1. Personal consultancy
  2. Planning of your space
  3. Bespoke design projects
  4. Style tips

Customised designs can be applied to every project, to different sizes and types:

– Furniture, including sofas, chairs, tables and much more;
– Kitchens in different sizes to suit your every need
– Conservatories, genuine extensions to your living space, adding an outdoor room that creates a dialogue with the surrounding space.

Why choose DFN?

We are an Italian firm, established in 2013 by a group of professionals and entrepreneurs who decided to pool their vast experience in building and furnishing in order to create and supply products that are not only practical, but which also stimulate the senses.

We develop, manufacture and sell our collections of luxury outdoor furniture, offering the best possible solutions to decorate an outdoor space and provide the utmost comfort, with top-quality products built to withstand all climate conditions, thanks to the use of premium quality materials and to the excellent workmanship.

We are a company that firmly believes in artisan quality, able to operate using international work methods to oversee projects the world over. In line with this approach, we have set up various showrooms and stores in important cities such as Miami, Doha and London, where we can offer the first-hand assistance necessary to create any type of design project, working in close contact with property developers, hotel chains, and architectural and design firms.

Our strengths include:


Management with over 35 years of experience in the business


Continuous research to into the most innovative solutions and materials


Possibility to provide customised furniture, built to design specifications


A team of people who work with clients, from the original idea through to its completion


Leading manufacturer of furniture in woven materials


Possibility to have a full proposal, from furnishing through to a kitchen, accessories and conservatories

Another of our qualities is the ability to manage projects for the luxury outdoor industry as General Contractors.

This means that our professional, qualified team has organizational and technical implementation expertise, and is therefore able to design outdoor areas that require a range of skills, from mobile elements such as furniture, to fixtures such as roofing, bioclimatic pergolas, and conservatories, taking care of every area of their creation, from design through to completion, including the installations that serve to make each area so comfortable.

We supervise the project at each stage, taking care to meet the client’s needs, compliant with the manufacturing and installation techniques, and keeping within budget.

This is what DFN’s team does for you:

  1. Definition of the general design project
  2. Definition of the group of services needed to complete the work
  3. Definition of the materials
  4. Definition of the budget and the completion times
  5. Constant supervision of the execution of works to guarantee quality standards and excellent results.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture: a total look using our brands

We develop, design and manufacture a full range of design and luxury furniture with the brands Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection and Dolcefarniente. We supply pergolas and conservatories with the brand La Casa dei Limoni, managing the whole process, from design through to installation.

With our collections we bring you a whole new way to enjoy outdoor living with our total look projects that range from furniture to accessories, to the most sophisticated gazebos or conservatories, Every design project, whether for residences, yachts, or hotels, brings out the full style of a unique design, while offering a whole new experience of living outdoors.

Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection

Through an ongoing process of research and innovation, linked to design, materials and style, we have achieved our aim of creating a total look complete with outdoor furniture for those who love glamorous style. In particular, Samuele Mazza offers a triple choice that combines different materials and styles in range of ways:

  • The first, Siderale, includes elements with a great dramatic impact, characterised by generous shapes and sinuous lines in iron and/or synthetic resin, suitable for lengthy use outdoors.
  • The second, Orangerie, includes furniture made with prime-quality natural materials, such as rattan, wicker and un-tanned parchment, suitable for covered outdoor spaces such as verandas and porticos or damper environments such as spas and indoor pools.
  • The third, Demetra is a range of luxury outdoor furniture with carefully designed lines and proportions, symmetry and balance.

The Samuele Mazza Outdoor collection also includes gazebos, sofas, armchairs, dining tables, sun loungers, footstools, consoles, credenzas, planters, rugs, lights and outdoor kitchens, as well as everything you need to create a total outdoor look.


This collection stands out for its use of skilled workmanship of expert artisans, painstaking attention to detail and carefully studied forms and materials.

In this case, there are two choices, based on materials:

  • Contemporary Resin: a collection of sofas, armchairs, dining tables, chairs, loungers, footstools, planters, and everything you need for a complete elegant design project with a contemporary image;
  • Natural Rattan: This includes a special selection of furniture built in top-quality natural materials such as rattan, wicker and raw hide, left purposefully with their original finishes. These furniture items are the result of painstaking work by artisans and are enriched by sartorial fabrics that explore the world of fashion and are perfect for use in covered outdoor areas such as porticos and patios.

La Casa dei Limoni

With this collection, at DFN we wanted to redesign the conservatory theme from a totally new viewpoint: using iron and glass to create stunning settings that will astound every client, thanks also to the addition of complementary features such as lights or other decorative solutions, designed especially to bring out the best in every detail.

Our luxury designs

The outdoor furnishing designs for the exteriors of a luxury resort on the island of Tudhufushi, immersed in the splendid waters of the Indian Ocean (Maldives), follow precise criteria of elegance, easy use and durability. The luxury bungalows over the water and the exceptional natural panorama are a stunning match for the elegant mix of seductive design and refined details that characterise the Dolcefarniente Outdoor collection.

We have created the furniture designs in painstaking detail:

  • The furniture has been made to guarantee durability and resistance to the elements.
  • The products have been developed so that salt and sunshine cannot affect the colour or the structure.
  • The fabrics are water repellent and stain proof.
  • The colour, chosen to match the deep blue of the sea and sky, and to add to the furniture of precious villas overlooking the water, is an elegant and timeless total white.

Further proof of our ability to satisfy the expectations of even the most discerning clients, such as a bespoke design project, is the prestigious conservatory created in Doha.

We were asked to design an exclusive conservatory to host a famous chocolate and coffee house. The structure, made entirely in iron and glass, was designed in a classic style, while continuing to guarantee the typical functions of a more modern structure. Inside, a large conditioning system, built fully into the structure, offers guests the utmost comfort. The Doha conservatory is a totally bespoke project where every element has been designed to suit client requirements, to create a unique structure with a made-to-measure layout, built to amaze as well as to integrate with its surroundings.

Would you like to see some more of our luxury designs and find out about the quality of our products? Download our project catalogue